About Parent to Parent Island County

Parent to Parent is a statewide organization, funded through the ARC of Washington, DSHS and other state grants, with national affliation with Parent to Parent USA (P2P USA).  Parent to Parent is a non-profit organization committed “to promoting access, quality, and leadership in parent to parent support  for parents of children, adolescents, or young adults with special health care needs, mental health issues, or disabilities.” (P2P USA)

Parents who find themselves recieving the news that their child has a chronic health condition or disability often feel alone and lost. Parent to Parent in Island county Washington is committed to helping parents of children and their siblings find support, and resources in the community.  They often have questions and concerns regarding the day to day realities of raising a child ( or children) with disabilties as well as their own feelings. Parent to Parent is there to match parents with similar situations together for support and friendship. If you are a parent, we understand and you are not alone.

Island County Parent to Parent offers:

  • Emotional support for parents of children with special needs and their siblings.
  • Information and refferals to community resources.
  • Trained Helping Parents whose parenting experiences match yours as closely as possible.
  • Social and recreational events.
  • Current information on disabilities, medical conditions and community resources.
  • Training for parents who would like to become Volunteer Helping      Parents.
  • Public awareness and outreach to the community regarding people with special needs and/or disabilities.

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